Thursday, March 1, 2012

Veronica Mars

I can't think of much to talk about right now. Life has been consistently dull. Since I'll be heading back home soon, I am trying to save as much money as possible by avoiding expensive trips and entertainment. While I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself at home, it makes for poor reading.

As of late, I have been watching the TV series Veronica Mars. The show ran for three seasons between 2004-2007, but I've always heard rave reviews about it. I'm about halfway through the last season, and I can see why it was so well received. A strong female protagonist, along with well-planned mysteries and a variety of coloful and dynamic supporting characters.

The story centers around Veronica Mars, a junior in high school whose father is a private investigator. Each episode centers around 1) a mystery and 2) a story designed to flesh out the role of one of the characters. Additionally, there is a season-long mystery that ties all of the episodes together. In the first season, the big mystery was a high-profile murder. I won't spoil the rest for you.

I can see why it wasn't renewed. By the time the third season roles around, Veronica is in college but the cast is still the same. We've already come to know them very well, and there is little room to expand their personalities. Also, the series shifts away from the season-long mysteries and instead offers two big but underwhelming half-season mysteries. The resolution to the first one was too abrupt in my opinion; I reserve judgement on the seond half.

Anyway, it's a pretty captivating show if you can stand high school dramas. And since it's only three seasons, you won't have to make a lifetime commitment just to watch the who series!

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