Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter? is Coming

It has started snowing in my village to a severe degree. As you can see from the photos, we've had over a foot of snow in the last week. Where snow simply annoyed before, it now impedes me from safely doing my job. It rarely snows in Salem, Oregon, so I've rarely had to drive/walk/dance in the snow. I have no experience, and it's counting against me.

But I'll perservere! My coworkers tell me the snow should begin melting in mid-February. Hopefully I can make it until then. For now, I'll just drive 10 miles an hour and drink lots of hot tea. Twenty students were out sick today with influenza (no one says 'flu' in Japan, despite having abbreviations for everything else), so school let out early and I didn't have any classes. Tremendously boring, but at least it gave me time to work on other projects.

I'll keep you updated, in case an iceberg forms outside my apartment or something. Maybe I'll make a Japanese snowman! Ask me what the difference is between a Japanese one and an American one!

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