Friday, October 7, 2011

Slow News Day

Sadly, there is not much going on this week. I only worked for three days, because the schools in my village had a huge test on Wednesday. Today was a personal holiday for me. Instead of writing, I think I'll tempt you to continue checking this blog with photos from my recent trip to the Koriyama Music Festival.

This is the band Blue Three. Say their name out loud, and then say it again:
Very quickly. You will soon understand what their gimmick is.

 The lead singer had a remote guitar or something,
so he could run anywhere he wanted and we could
still hear him--even when he disappeared into the train station!

The show began and ended with a nunchuku performance.

These people sang some enka songs. Pretty good.

I think these guys were junior high or high school students.

My friend's band, SCRAP. 
They have a vibrant sound and a lot of energy.

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