Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cool Japanese Thing #105: Strawberry Syrup

Pictured above: the first pancake I ever made. It was ugly but delicious, in the same way that a vegetable is ugly but delicious. Its inception was simple yet graceful. A cup of milk, a single egg and a package of what I can only describe as "white mystery dust" were its only ingredients. Spurred on by dreams of grandeur brought on by my culinary skills, I purchased these:

The Japanese reads: "Strawberry and Butter Cream." It's a topping for whatever, but what really appeals to me is the method of deployment: to use, one needs only fold the small package in half. The middle of the seal (where the picture of the hand squeezing the package is located) snaps open, creating a hole large enough to expel the strawberry and butter in a single stream of artificially-preserved ecstasy. Needless to say, the pancake was delicious beyond description. If anyone wants to try one of these things out, I'd be happy to mail a couple to America.

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