Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Update From Work

I've started teaching already. Fortunately, the school I'm teaching at has a much nicer computer than the one at the Board of Education. Here, I can use the internet without fear of sudden freezes or shutdowns. It's glorious. I just wanted to say that things are going well here. I'm very happy with my new lodgings and the people I've met are wonderful. My one regret is that there are so few of them... lack of companions has led to many lonely nights in the village.

While I'm able to foray into the larger cities on occassion, it is a real drain on my wallet. Gas, parking, and entertainment don't come cheap in Japan. Someone once told me, 'there is nothing in Japan that you can do for free,' and I can see the grains of truth in that statement. I did manage to track down a couple of shrines and temples, but beyond walking along the side of the road looking for stone stairs hidden behind overgrown branches, everything else costs money.

That's not to say I have nothing to do. I have television, video games, work, exercise, sightseeing. I can entertain myself. I'm looking forward to telling you all (I assume more than one person is reading this) about my experiences in more detail. Driving, eating, working, etc. The words build up in me like an active volcano full of proper nouns and unkempt adjectives!

Talk to you again soon!

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